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Create Quote Templates

To make things easier for your workflow, templates are a great idea. They save time and also ensure invoice items cannot be missed.

Depending on your user permissions you may or may not have access to all options in the left-hand menu. To create quote templates you will need to have access to the Finances section in that menu.

By clicking ‘Finances’ and then hovering over ‘Quotes’ a side menu will pop out to the right and it is here you will see ‘Templates’ and a + symbol. Click the + symbol to add a new template or just ‘Templates’ to see what has already been created.

If creating a new template – Click the + and give the template a name. e.g. Rebranding Package. Below this, you can start adding stock items that you would invoice for this type of service.

Try and include all additional options possible as it’s easy to remove these later if not required. Additional items can also be added later and prices amended if required. Amending these items in the client will not affect the template. The three boxes underneath can be left blank unless we instruct you to complete these.

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