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If you are having issues with something in FireHawkCRM and you can’t find the answer in this knowledgebase, here are a few handy hints that might get you back up and running.

Try the below one at a time, if none of them work, throw your computer through the window, grab a coffee, rinse and repeat.

  1. Try a Refresh – on most machines thats F5, if you use a mac, you can hit Command and R.
  2. Try a Hard Refresh – this is refreshes bigger brother, for PC users, hold down shift at the same time that you press F5, for Mac users, you guessed it, Shift, Command and R all at the same time, that’s a lot of fingers.
  3. Quit the browser application and restart it. Sometimes the browser might have crashed in the background and the two refreshes just won’t cut it
  4. We’re in last resort territory here, sometimes the old, ‘switch it off and back on again’ actually does work.
  5. If none of the above does the trick, please create a support ticket, send us a Slack or if it’s a real emergency, please call the office.

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