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2021 Updates

Version 2.9.5 (6.01.2021)
Added: Ability to search existing suppliers on create.
Removed: Option for 500 item page size on tables.
Added: Ability to add custom pricing tiers for quotes and invoices.
Fix: Stop being able to scroll past the end item on drop down lists.
Fix: Task generating on a project will now run when a project is created instead of waiting for the first save.
Fix: Dashboard filters not saving on deselect.
Fix: Issue with page components waiting for page data before loading.
Fix: Comment form on invoices misaligned.
Update: Orders to have the same functionality as quotes.
Version 2.9.6 (13.01.2021)
Added: Draft of new report system.
Fix: Loading of calendar not working sometimes if event is deleted.
Added: Maintenance mode to log out team users while active.
Update: Support to allow summary tab to load a different form per client category.
Fix: Loading of pricing tiers in a stock item.
Update: Made a limit on the number of items displayed on dashboard lists.
Update: Made comments tab open first on dashboard.
Update: Removed all time option from table date range filters.
Add: Support for stock ingredients section on a stock item.
Update: Improved calculation of account balance on clients.
Fix: Searching for a client with global search when already in a client fails to load the newly searched client.
Version 2.9.7 (20.01.2021)
Added: API based reports now live.
Fixed: Cart items to invoice carry pricing across.
Added: Positive and negative lag on gantt chart.
Fixed: User field locking no longer overrides system disabled fields.
Added: Sub-value items now load correctly on tables.
Fixed: Filters that contains archived items will no longer show those items.
Added: Export to word functionality is now being live tested.
Added: Extra data to our logs.

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