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2021 FireHawkCRM Web Updates

Version 2.9.5 (6.01.2021)
Added: Ability to search existing suppliers on create.
Removed: Option for 500 item page size on tables.
Added: Ability to add custom pricing tiers for quotes and invoices.
Fix: Stop being able to scroll past the end item on drop down lists.
Fix: Task generating on a project will now run when a project is created instead of waiting for the first save.
Fix: Dashboard filters not saving on deselect.
Fix: Issue with page components waiting for page data before loading.
Fix: Comment form on invoices misaligned.
Update: Orders to have the same functionality as quotes.
Version 2.9.6 (13.01.2021)
Added: Draft of new report system.
Fix: Loading of calendar not working sometimes if event is deleted.
Added: Maintenance mode to log out team users while active.
Update: Support to allow summary tab to load a different form per client category.
Fix: Loading of pricing tiers in a stock item.
Update: Made a limit on the number of items displayed on dashboard lists.
Update: Made comments tab open first on dashboard.
Update: Removed all time option from table date range filters.
Add: Support for stock ingredients section on a stock item.
Update: Improved calculation of account balance on clients.
Fix: Searching for a client with global search when already in a client fails to load the newly searched client.
Version 2.9.7 (20.01.2021)
Added: API based reports now live.
Fixed: Cart items to invoice carry pricing across.
Added: Positive and negative lag on gantt chart.
Fixed: User field locking no longer overrides system disabled fields.
Added: Sub-value items now load correctly on tables.
Fixed: Filters that contains archived items will no longer show those items.
Added: Export to word functionality is now being live tested.
Added: Extra data to our logs.
Version 2.9.8 (28.01.2021)
Add: Support for backorder generation.
Fix: Issue with images not loading in some areas.
Add: Ability to reset password from user profile.
Fix: Issue with team overrides on reporting fields not working properly.
Add: Ability to print from the summary tab on a client.
Add: Infrastructure for document signing.
Version 2.9.9 (3.02.2021)
Add: Ability to add related stock items to a stock item.
Fix: Issue with invoice not changing when switching to another invoice either by entering a url or by the search bar.
Add: Sales price on stock item which is used when added to an invoice or quote.
Update: More fuzzy parameters available in search.
Add: Ability to create/send document signing requests.
Add: Team maintenance mode.
Update: Backorder functionality.
Update: Assets table to new format.
Add: Planner layout for events.
Add: Stock audit tab.
Add: More features to new report builder.
Update: Changes to stock in crm now auto published to woocommerce.
Version 2.9.10 (10.02.2021)
Fixed: Ability to use stock category pill pickers.
Update: Document signing will make user have to sign all required signatures.
Added: Extra stock fields for quantities.
Update: Support to add buttons to tables.
Update: Allow requests for data to retry if they don’t respond.
Update: Email will now use queue system.
Update: Planner will now show loading indicators and open events.
Updated: ‘Removed from button’ longer deletes.
Fixed: Stop drop down menus from loading more than once on board creation.
Added: Extra functionality to new reports.
Update: Ability to filter new reports.
Fix: Stops report columns from missing data on new reports.
Update: Fetching changes to new reports, stop duplicate requests for data.
Added: Internal usages to audit tab.
Updated: Woocommerce now displays free stock.
Version 2.9.11 (17.02.2021)
Fixed: Finance breadcrumb links.
Added: Ability to show stock inside stock category.
Added: Support for sensitive data fields.
Updated: Global search functionality and styling.
Updated: Performance updates when loading invoices.
Updated: Performance updates when loading quotes.
Fixed: Clear new report when no data exists for date range.
Fixed: Issue with request signature button not able to be selected if you have already used it on another document.
Updated: New reports will be able to download if they have less than 100 lines.
Updated: Functionality of new reports.
Updated: Ability to change ext client feedback form per team.
Added: QR code to bottom of display image which will link to the page.
Updated: Search fields on clients.
Fixed: Ability to use all time date range for new reports.
Updated: Add support for filtering new reports.
Fixed: Ability to use custom date range for new reports.
Added: Email queuing system for auto-emails.
Fixed: Ordering of columns in CSV export for new reports.
Fixed: Alphabetise report templates in new reports.
Version 2.9.12 (24.02.2021)
Add: When a version of FireHawk has been in the background on a tab or browser, it will load the latest information from the server when you access it again.
Update: Fields locked due to editing will now unlock when switching tabs or closing the window.
Add: Ability to enable maintenance mode on all teams at once.
Update: Address fields will default to current country.
Fix: New button on left hand menu invoice list will now work.
Update: When using global search, the ‘View More’ button within a section will now open the relevant table with the search results.
Update: Permissions for viewing invoices.
Update: Styling and layout of quotes and orders.
Version 2.9.13 (3.03.2021)
Added: New reports show number of rows if they are less than 100.
Added: New loading procedure to stop new version double loading.
Updated: Stock code will appear in header on a stock item.
Added: Files to purchase orders and bookins.
Added: Ability to use document signing for quote pdfs.
Fixed: Totals on duplicated invoices and quotes.
Fixed: Totals on invoices and quotes created with templates.
Fixed: Category jump to button on stock items.
Updated: Sub-total for invoices now calculate correctly.
Updated: Stock adjustments.
Fixed: Timezone making date range out by a day for new reports.
Added: Ability to unfollow an item from the notifications list.
Added: Support for allowing archived items to be shown on screens.
Fixed: Automated email subject error.
Added: Numbering column now in csv export for new reports.
Fixed: Timezones for online bookings.
Version 2.9.14 (10.03.2021)
Fixed: Clients reverting to first tab after switching browser tabs.
Added: Ability to hide top search per team.
Updated: Once form is downloaded, switching between tabs should be quicker.
Added: Ability to show timeline instead of comments by default on dashboard.
Added: Running total for stock usages on assets.
Fixed: Fixed buttons being disabled on line items on quotes.
Updated: Currency symbols now displays as expected.
Updated: Email links for generated reports will now open an external download page.
Updated: Ability to see archived items on new reports.
Updated: Removed redirect to previous page on save.
Added: Support for changing dates in planners and filtering search options.
Updated: New reports functionality.
Added: Pricing to book ins on stock audit tab.
Updated: Subject lines on emails can now accept merge tags again.
Version 2.9.15 (17.03.2021)
Fixed: Loading indicator sometimes not displaying properly on forms.
Added: Support to set date format per team for tables and form fields.
Fixed: Issue with quote/estimate item options on quote/estimate templates copying to quote/estimate in wrong format.
Fixed: Issue with invoice item options on invoice templates copying to invoice in wrong format.
Added: Support to set invoice items, quote/estimate items and order items to default to being expanded per team.
Added: Totals on payments and investments tables at bottom of invoice.
Updated: As part of our new xero integration, we have added new authentication.
Fixed: Headings on generated report CSV’s will now match report headings in CRM.
Fixed: Error when generating report CSV’s if report contains data that isn’t text.
Added: More tools to enable better performance management.
Updated: Report filtering functionality.
Version 2.9.16 (24.03.2021)
Updated: Xero to use new authentication method.
Added: Single image option for QR Code page.
Fixed: Loading of integrations page.
Updated: Disabled the download/generate report button if no columns have been added to new reports.
Updated: Comments are more responsive when switching clients.
Updated: Client balances, invoice table totals have been moved to a new calculation method.
Updated: Disabled reports will no longer show on report templates list.
Version 2.9.17 (31.03.2021)
Updated: Moved to a new dedicated reports API to increase speed and performance.
Updated: Ordering in top search to allow custom result order to be set.
Updated: New report functionality.
Added: Ability to allow additional lines in addresses if required.
Fixed: Archived comments not hiding on dashboard.
Fixed: Sorting when first loading a report.
Updated: Board filtering functionality.
Fixed: Report add column menu staying visible when changing page with it open.
Updated: Top search to include more searchable terms.
Fixed: Issue with view orders page not loading.
Fixed: Comment loading issue on suppliers and stock.
Fixed: Issue with duplicate search when creating clients.
Added: Cards on boards can now contain checklists.
Updated: Support tickets now have version control.
Version 2.9.18 (8.04.2021)
Updated: Stock locations are now a picker instead of a text field.
Updated: Xero API now fetches billing types from Xero.
Added: Stock picker on variations.
Added: Ability to have a generate order button on quotes.
Updated: Exports now use their own API.
Added: Ability to change the date format of date fields.
Updated: Pick lists on data entry forms now use their own API.
Removed: Investments from returns.
Updated: Reports functionality and bug fixes.
Added: Add a delay and pagination for fetching report items.
Added: Ability for reports to show contacts.
Version 2.9.19 (14.04.2021)
Updated: Lists will no longer live refresh to help with performance.
Added: Refresh button on lists.
Updated: Integrations to be available by default.
Updated: Reverted database to a more stable version.
Updated: Reports functionality.
Version 2.9.20 (19.04.2021)
Updated: Reverted database to a more stable version.
Fixed: Downloading of favourite form exports.
Version (21.04.2021)
Added: Ability to have a pricing tier configured as a default for a client or quotes & invoices (edited).
Updated: Saving of client versions to improve performance.
Version (21.04.2021)
Fixed: In form document export buttons to send through correct data.
Version 2.9.21 (29.04.2021)
Updated: Improvements to form relations and saving.
Fixed: Report filters to work with empty values.
Added: more options to date formats for timezones.
Updated: Invoice and quotes totals are now calculated via API.
Updated: Project headers updated to be more stable.
Fixed: Blank redirect on login sometimes preventing login.
Updated: Changes to login to increase performance.
Added: Ability to nominate a minimum sale price in a stock item.
Fixed: Occasional error when a field group copies to another field group containing different fields.
Added: Support to set the default tab on client export page.
Added: Error messages will now display when submitting to xero.
Fixed: Issue preventing disabled phone number fields not saving when set from a copy field.
Fixed: Quote and invoice templates now loads items as expected.
Fixed: Pull by fields in new reports showing as gray square for some report templates.
Fixed: Ability to sort columns on the stock audit table.
Added: Separate API’s for integrations and notifications.
Version 2.9.22 (5.05.2021)
Added: User settings to profile to turn off notifications.
Updated: Addresses are now correctly localized.
Added: Increased stability of team exports by taking smaller bites of data.
Updated: Fix new reports not showing the cell value in certain circumstances.
Version 2.9.23 (12.05.2021)
Added: Sales assistant and ship to fields to invoices, quotes and orders.
Added: Support to show description field on quotes when line items are collapsed.
Fixed: Team slug and login email fields auto capitalising first letter on ipads.
Fixed: Visiting client exports wouldn’t load favourites tab if it is the default tab.
Fixed: External payment forms will now show in the teams currency.
Fixed: Comments will now archive correctly.
Fixed: User permissions not loading before sidebar causing menu items to not load for some users.
Added: Ability to set an email template to use the selected contacts first name.
Fixed: Subject line on email form overlapping buttons.
Updated: MYOB integration to include new login.
Updated: Sorting of client exports under favourites tab to be alphabetical.
Updated: Client saving functionality to increase performance.
Fixed: Error on new reports when adding column that prevented reports from being created.
Version 2.9.24 (19.05.2021)
Updated: Integrations API slack now behaving as expected.
Added: Support to export a mapped PDF off an invoice or quote.
Updated: Quickbooks, MYOB and xero have been migrated to integrations API.
Added: ‘Checked’ option to admin status on invoices.
Added: Support to set whether table search filters save their state.
Added: Ability to open image files to view within CRM.
Fixed: Issue with the file picker when creating emails not showing correct files.
Fixed: Creating a stock book-in from a purchase order not bringing across date and supplier.
Fixed: Filter will display content after page reload.
Fixed: Exporting CSV from a table showing the HTML code for any links.
Added: Support to filter event categories shown on calendar.
Fixed: Issue preventing removal of contacts from clients.
Fixed: Issue with comments being hidden on iPad.
Fixed: Jump arrow buttons next to stock items on quotes, invoices and orders now working correctly.
Version 2.9.25 (26.05.2021)
Fixed: Tag clouds not having not having vertical spacing in some cases.
Fixed: Layout issues with the page QR Code export options.
Added: Extra large printing options for QR Code exports.
Added: Support for adding more information in the header of slide out drawer panels.
Added: Support for adding email signatures.
Added: Signature picker field when sending email.
Updated: Address state picker to work with USA states.
Added: Support to allow table filters to hide based on team setting.
Version 2.9.26 (2.06.2021)
Added: Support for events and suppliers in the top search bar.
Updated: Functionality of reports.
Updated: Allow auto task creation to work when the project category is changed.
Removed: Sales tab on a stock item.
Updated: Team exports display and functionality.
Added: Ability to set default date format per country and per team.
Fixed: Issue with pop-up background fade being dark on iOS devices. The fade is now white.
Added: Ability to send email on a supplier.
Added: Ability to click a time on the day view of the calendar to create an event at that time.
Version 2.9.27 (9.06.2021)
Added: Support for back-orders on invoices.
Added: Emailing purchase orders will have the selected supplier’s email as a contact.
Added: Support to override the status field of purchase orders.
Added: New file tag options in file manager.
Added: Jump to supplier button on purchase orders.
Fixed: Purchase order not saving when clicking to view before clicking save.
Fixed: Default terms and notes on invoices not auto-populating.
Updated: Enable text wrapping for items in stock picker on quotes, invoices and orders.
Version (16.06.2021)
Updated: Ingredients on a stock item now decrease the live quantity as expected.
Updated: Reports functionality.
Added: Ability to have the auto generating invoice number contain a prefix.
Added: Tables can now be embedded inside forms.
Added: Sales assistant on orders are now auto-assigned.
Fixed: Backorder fields now appear as expected.
Added: Woocommerce categories can now be sent from FireHawk.
Updated: Purchase order statuses can now be manually set.
Added: Contacts table on supplier.
Fixed: Status field on stock book-in now changes correctly.
Fixed: Support ticket avatar images not displaying correctly.
Added: Invoice description on a stock item will be used for the item description on an invoice.
Fixed: Discounts not showing on some invoices.
Fixed: Generate file number button not showing on forms.
Version 2.9.29 (24.06.2021)
Added: Ability to edit comments.
Added: Support to change colour links are displayed as.
Updated: Reports functionality.
Updated: Increased sensitivity of table search.
Added: Table search now searches for middle name if available.
Updated: Increased performance of invoices table and changed totals to be page totals.
Updated: Stock category filter to handle showing items in child categories under the selected category.
Added: Ability to have cost pricing for a stock item to be different per supplier.
Added: Support for international date formats on estimates.
Added: Teams that have multiple branches/brands can now add a dedicated email address for each brand.
Version 2.9.30 (30.06.2021)
Added: Ability to filter by invitee on the calendar.
Updated: Viewing a quote externally will show the text field quote items as a single line for select teams.
Updated: Viewing a quote externally with optional items that haven’t been included will show ‘not included’ instead of the value in the total column for select teams.
Added: Comments on entities will now show on the associated client or projects comment list.
Fixed: Running total calculation will now be in the correct order on stock usages on an asset.
Version 2.9.31 (7.07.2021)
Fix: Issue with category filters not working if no child filters exist.
Added: Client selector in email form.
Added: Ability to create a new stock location from the location list on a stock item.
Added: Support for adding an incidents list.
Added: Ability to use US date formats on reports.
Version 2.9.32
Updated: Login system to improve stability
Version 2.9.33 (14.07.2021)
Added: Comments / Timeline to asset incidents
Added: Map pin button to addresses
Added: Files tab to task form
Updated: Pre Need to At Need conversion to reset the file date (funerals only)
Updated: Booking out of suppliers to improve stability
Version 2.9.34 (21.07.2021)
Added: Ability to display the stock subtitle on stock pickers.
Fixed: Auto-capitalisation of email input fields on iOS devices.
Added: Support for adding validation to fields which can show a confirmation box when changing value.
Added: Ability to change the height of the timeline/comments dashboard item per team.
Fixed: Issue preventing the ability to edit comments.
Updated: Reports functionality.
Version 2.9.35 (28.07.2021)
Updated: slight adjustment of how totals are calculated across items with multiple decimal places.
Added: Ability to change the label for the favourite tab on exports per team.
Added: The salutation template field on email templates can now include merge tags.
Added: Support to hide sections on forms.
Fixed: Some tabs on tasks were not showing content.
Updated: Allow top tabs on stock to be overridden per team.
Updated: FireHawk Forms are now available via the FHF tab in Exports
Updated: Contacts can now be added to WordPress clients
Added: Disabled Trash for linked items, so they will now only be trashed if they are not linked to anything.
Added: the ability to select more email templates.
Version 2.9.36 (4.08.2021)
Added: Support for creating articles.
Added: Stock jump arrows on variations.
Added: Ability to select contacts from a client in the email form.
Added: Support for adding logos to email signatures.
Fixed: Drop down menus are now auto-focusing when selected.
Added: Message to notify user that a report is a sample only if there are more than 100 lines.
Fixed: Reports are now saving the sort field correctly when saving a new template.
Fixed: Comment input box now displays correctly when entering large messages.
Added: New filter drop down menus for reports.
Updated: We can now calculate cost of an item based on the the aggregated cost of its ingredients.
Added: Personal effects register is now available in limited release.
Added: FireHawk contact form is now available for your WordPress website.
Version 2.10.0 (11.08.2021)
Added: Ability to add conditional promotions to stock items.
Added: Task list to cards on project boards.
Fixed: Issue preventing usage of custom email signatures.
Added: Support to remove the search bar on tables.
Fixed: Stock usages are now showing the selected stock location.
Fixed: Stock usages table is now showing the selected stock locations.
Added: Commissions for sales people can now be tracked in FireHawk.
Added: Support for a copy button to address fields.
Added: Events can now contain multiple tabs in their form.
Fixed: Total line on invoice page now showing the correct currency symbol for non-Australian teams.
Added: Support for new web field with a link to the entered web address.
Fixed: Custom date range calendar picker on team exports will now stay on the screen when opened.
Updated: Support for loading stock variations on reports.
Version 2.10.1 (18.08.2021)
Fixed: View all button on the calendar month view will now display correctly if more than 3 events are on a day.
Fixed: Downloading emailed exports will now save the filename correctly.
Fixed: Report fields that were displaying as a key now loads correctly.
Updated: External web view invoice layout.
Added: The ability to upload .heic and .heif images.
Added: Ability to display images on quote external view.
Added: Ability to add the users normal working hours via timetable tab.
Updated: Stock in MYOB invoices.
Updated: MYOB integration can now create card files for individuals.
Added: Generate invoices in bulk.
Added: Tag cloud categories can now be used to create values in fields.
Version 2.10.2 (25.08.2021)
Fixed: Total due on invoices now displaying if it’s $0.00.
Fixed: Address street field will now show correct data.
Fixed: Sender’s logo now displaying correctly when sending emails from a client with a display image on a branch.
Added: Support to add an export document button to tables when selecting multiple items.
Fixed: Error when reports try to fetch non-existent items.
Fixed: Error when exports try to fetch non-existent items.
Added: Fragment – Social Tribute integration.
Version 2.10.3 (1.09.2021)
Updated: Work on universal tax codes.
Fixed: Recipient first names now appear as expected on emails.
Fixed: Account balance now shows applied credits.
Updated: Support ticket types are now in alphabetical order.
Fixed: Arrangement locations now show as expected on calendar events.
Added: A new button has been added which will send only the product image to WooCommerce.
Added: Stock quantities are now visible when adding items to quotes, orders and invoices.
Added: Commission report export.
Version 2.10.4 (8.09.2021)
Added: Tax rates can now be created and modified in team settings.
Updated: Ship to locations now display all results.
Added: Ability to include FAO to invoices.
Added: The ability to have a prefix on quotes and invoices.
Updated: Groups in a form now display is expected even if some of the fields are empty.
Updated: External invoice view prettier than it was yesterday.
Updated: Add files to email now show a wider range of available files.
Updated: Invoices no longer have the ability to expire (which they should never had in the first place).
Version 2.10.5 (15.09.2021)
Updated: Confirmation pop-ups for editing/deleting items not appear in foreground.
Added: Ability to filter stock book in’s by purchase.
Added: Ability to push only an updated stock image to WooCommerce.
Updated: Variations can now send their specifications into the description field on a line item.
Updated: Search now includes more parameters for fuzzy i.e. Incorrect spellings.
Updated: Specific clients can now be excepted from discount groups.
Added: Movements – The ability to move stock from one location to another.
Added: Process – The ability to create one piece of stock from multiple other pieces of stock via ingredients.
Updated: Invoice and estimate sidebar element for a better fit.
Fixed: Tax on external web views now display as expected.
Updated: Comment timeline entries now display as expected.
Added: WooCommerce now automatically creates a backorder in FireHawk if a product is unavailable.
Version 2.10.6 (22.09.2021)
Updated: Task mappings, templates and groups are now on the new table format.
Added: Stock location selector field in stock book in form.
Fixed: Text area fields are now manually resizable as they should have always been.
Added: Ability to disable PDF attachment of invoices to emails.
Added: cart to right hand side bar on clients.
Updated: Stock Purchase BookIn button now hides as expected.
Added: Orders can now show internal notes.
Updated: Added received column to Stock BookIn table.
Fixed: Breadcrumbs now work as expected for invoices, orders and quotes.
Added: Product weights can now be shown on orders.
Added: Ability to create credit note from invoice.
Fixed: A quote can now generate unlocked orders.
Added: SKU’s are now visible on the ingredients table on a stock item.
Version 2.10.7 (29.09.2021)
Added: Stock reorder screen to show stock items below a specified threshold.
Updated: Project categories list now uses the new table system.
Updated: Stock book in list, in a purchase order, to use the new table system.
Updated: Purchase orders so it auto sets the currency based upon the supplier.
Added: Historical reports tab is now available.
Updated: Purchase order book in button now hides when all stock is booked in.
Updated: Boards can now be edited from the table.
Added: Ability to set a tax rate on a client and have this flow through to orders, invoices and quotes.
Version 2.10.8 (6.10.2021)
Fixed: If a client has an email address not attached to a contact it will now be available to select when sending an email.
Added: Discounts on stock categories for certain clients.
Added: Master unlock all fields that were previously locked for promotions or minimum sales pricing.
Added: The ability to duplicate anything, anywhere.
Updated: Asset planner now contains more information than it did previously.
Fixed: User login will now no longer allow changes whilst it’s occurring.
Fixed: Events list now displays as expected when you open it.
Fixed: Locations and commissions now play nicely together.
Fixed: A search in FireHawk Search at the top of the page will now successfully allow you to ‘view more’ results.
Updated: FireHawk Calendar now looks snazzy on mobile devices.
Fixed: Sticky search no longer applies to tables inside clients.
Fixed: Client names on the support ticket board are now in the correct order instead of a random jumbled mess.
Updated: When forwarding emails, we now only send text and images, not code.
Added: If a buy price is added to a supplier group on a stock item, it will be pulled when creating the purchase order.
Fixed: ‘Caller is’ email address now appears when sending an email.
Updated: FireHawk Stock Processes now correctly allocates stock levels to inventory.
Updated: Stock with a volume purchase discount is now available to order via WooCommerce.
Version 2.10.9 (13.10.2021)
Fixed: Events and tasks now hide from the calendar when archived.
Fixed: Contacts now display all fields of data as expected.
Updated: Asset planner UI for a more streamlined experience.
Updated: Email recipient name now only displays first name rather than both.
Fixed: Discounts on unlocked invoices now allow changes.
Added: Quotes, orders and invoices can now have cover letters and footers in web view.
Fixed: Asset breadcrumbs now take you to the correct place rather than the incorrect place.
Updated: Minimum sale price to include new conditions.
Fixed: Promotions can now be archived.
Fixed: Orders ship-to location picker occasionally did not display pre-loaded information.
Updated: Quote edit view now displays product weights.
Added: Date range filter to screens.
Updated: If an email template is loaded it will no longer override fields where data already exists.
Updated: Double login issue is fixed. FireHawk should now log you in to the latest version.
Version 2.10.10 (20.10.2021)
Added: Discount fields to quote templates.
Updated: Comments now record their timestamp and other important information.
Added: Filters can now be used in reverse. i.e. if you want to filter out that category from any list instead of only showing the items in it.
Added: Tickets and send email pop-ups will no longer close unexpectedly if you click outside the pop-up.
Updated: Send email pop-up will now populate recipient first name only if requested.
Added: Stock-purchases now pull in the currency that is selected on the supplier.
Fixed: Task mappings can now be created by users.
Updated: Using FireHawk Forms on a website along with a file upload field used to create a phantom entry in the file list when no file was uploaded by the user. This is now fixed.
Fixed: Modified addresses in locations now save correctly.
Added: Merge tags in email templates can now be used for FireHawk Stock – Purchases.
Fixed: Tasks and projects without linked clients now display as expected.
Updated: FireHawk Feedback emails can now be sent with an expiry date.
Updated: Stock – Audit will now display the invoice or order number in the list for ease of reference.
Added: Automated email can now be sent after a defined period of time.
Version 2.11.2 (27.10.2021)
Added: Client merge tags when sending an email.
Added: Orders list to stock items.
Fixed: Client picker on emails will now show correct values.
Updated: Contact picker on emails will now show correct values.
Updated: Archiving locations on a client now works as expected.
Fixed: Stock reorder table now displays data as it should.
Fixed: Supplier locations list will now only show locations that are on the supplier.
Added: Promotions can now be linked to lists generated by team tags.
Fixed: Adding comments now work as expected.
Added: Quote template categories.
Fixed: Issue with user creation?
Added: Country of origin is now sent to WooCommerce.
Version 2.12.0 (3.11.2021)
Added: Ability for date fields to show 24 hour time.
Added: File lists will now show the person who uploaded and the upload date for each file.
Added: Location information will now show on event cells in planner week view.
Added: Mentions list to dashboard which will show all comments where you are mentioned.
Updated: Orders using auto back-order system will now show supplied quantity.
Updated: Items on the stock audit page can now be opened by clicking the item number.
Added: Email template categories.
Updated: More typography options like bullets and sizing are now available on the message field when sending an email.
Updated: A contact picker will now show when sending an SMS to choose the recipient.
Added: Support for paginated lists to remember the last page you were on when navigating back from an item in the list.
Updated: Quotes will now lock when the status is set to withdrawn.
Added: Redesigned team actions builder with more functionality.
Fixed: Issue with pop-up windows initiated from the files manager on support tickets showing behind the support ticket and thus, not being usable.
Version 2.12.2 (10.11.2021)
Added: Reports now have the ability to pull by purchase dates.
Fixed: Ingredients can now be removed from FireHawk Stock as expected.
Added: New file picker field.
Updated: Contacts now display consistently as expected.
Added: Client data is now being saved into Firestore.
Updated: External data collection is now possible by a defined form.
Fixed: When navigating away from audits tab, adjustments now take you to the correct spot.
Fixed: Caller details now map to the correct fields.
Fixed: External detail forms will no longer create loops when saving.
Fixed: Occasional loading issues for quotes, invoices and orders.
Fixed: Processors now save as expected.
Updated: Order expiry has been removed.
Added: FireHawk is now available multi-language.
Updated: Lists now display as expected for emails sent and emails received.
Updated: Tabbing out of a Google address pop-up no longer removes the address.
Version 2.12.3 (17.11.2021)
Added: Ability to set a stock item to be ‘unsellable’
Added: Quotes and Invoices are now included alongside timeline on clients
Added: Payment details to external invoice view
Updated: Teams list to the new list system
Updated: Credit notes to handle different tax rates and title rows
Updated: Stock process to calculate how many items are actually built
Fixed: Ability to preview a file when it is first uploaded
Fixed: Scrolling of the notifications list
Fixed: Issue causing duplication of quote templates to not allow editing of the new template
Fixed: Calculation of stock quantities on the stock table
Version 2.14.0 (1.12.2021)
Added: Internal notes field to invoices, orders and quotes.
Added: Ability to hide the ‘all’ tab in client exports.
Fixed: External client form button will no longer show if feature is set to disabled.
Added: Comment count indicator will now show on the comments button for quotes, invoices and orders.
Fixed: Sending an email to multiple clients will now from a list will now save the client id properly.
Updated: Backorder items will now be removed from original order when a backorder is created.
Fixed: Supplied quantity field is no longer able to be calculated to be below zero.
Fixed: Stock lines will no longer overlap the quantity and price fields in quotes.
Fixed: Screens will now sort correctly.
Added: Ability to show allocated and on order columns on the stock table.
Updated: Locations picker will now show when creating an order if a location is on the selected client.
Added: Support for quotes to have a custom header.
Added: Stock now has a tab to show processes.
Fixed: Searching on the contacts table on quotes will now work correctly.
Added: Ability to generate the client number when importing a client using a webhook.
Fixed: Orders table in a stock item now shows the title correctly.
Fixed: Supplier name will now show on stock reorder list.
Version 2.15.0 (8.12.2021)
Fixed: Default list views no longer override themselves.
Updated: Once a back-order is generated a success message will now appear.
Fixed: Google addresses now appear in from of the field rather than behind it.
Added: More advanced merge tags for email templates.
Added: Ingredients can now be edited rather than removed and added again.
Added: Allows parent teams to have access to child team support tickets.
Fixed: External orders, quotes and invoices will now display the correct document template.
Fixed: Saving locations is no longer a dead end.
Added: Parent teams can now see the clients of child teams.
Added: Product weights now generate when an order is opened or refreshed.
Added: Costs are now available in header in stock item.
Updated: FireHawk Stock – Purchases now uses our new table system.
Added: Stock quantities into pickers.
Updated: Header form styling for invoices, quotes, and orders.
Version 2.16.0 (15.12.2021)
Added: Read-only functionality to screens.
Added: Stock – Invoices tab.
Fixed: Invoice, order and quote exports when selected in the picker now export the correct document.
Fixed: Order weight calculation.
Fixed: Filters no longer disappear when moving from page to page in lists.
Added: Support boards are now available for groups of teams.
Added: Extended features in pop-ups.
Updated: Ingredient list now takes purchase factor into account.
Version 2.17.0 (22.12.2021)
Added: Arrangement information can now be shown at the top of the external personal detail link.
Added: If you click on the account balance at the top of a client you will be sent to the digital statement screen (i.e. the invoice list).
Fixed: If you email an external document such as an invoice but then change the picker to export a packing slip, the link upon which you sent the email remains the same.
Added: When you generate an invoice from an order, we will check if you have enough stock to fulfil the invoice.
Added: When generating a purchase order, we can now select which price to use; average, last, or cost price tiers.
Updated: Now when you are creating a template and remove a file from that template, it will remove successfully.
Fixed: If you had filters applied to a table, they will again be applied when you return to the table.
Updated: Purchase orders now save as expected.
Added: Extra functionality have been applied to team actions in regards to conditions.
Added: PDF button to investment to allow downloading of receipt.
Updated: Removes interactions tab from stock.
Updated: Save & New button has been removed from events.
Added: Invoices can now display average cost of items included.
Fixed: Instead of blank spaces where 0 should be, we now show the 0.
Updated: Editing long comments now shows you the entire comment.
Updated: When sending an invoice, we have slowed down the process to make sure there are no hiccups.
Updated: Quote acceptance notification emails now send every time regardless of the users permissions.

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