2020 Updates

Version 2.7.4 (25.03.2020)
Payment modal will use a default receipt document if one hasn’t been set up for team.

Payment modal will now close after sending receipt email or downloading pdf.

MYOB green button has been brought back into invoice table for certain teams.

Heading sections will now collapse properly when using the arrow button.

Events created/updated in a category connected to an external calendar will now sync even if user isn’t authenticated to the external calendar.

Locked invoices will no longer save upon opening.

Added team override to stop invoices being lockable.

Fix for some comments created on an invoice not appearing.

Fix iPad issue where the group add buttons weren’t showing if the group appeared through a condition.

Quote number will now show on the filename of exported quote pdf documents.

Adding a stock item with no gst to an invoice will now switch the gst for that line item to none.

Changing pricing tiers e.g. from Retail to Wholesale, will change the gst for that line item to match the pricing tier on the stock item.
Version 2.7.5 (30.03.2020)
Fixed events spacing for week view on calendar.

Add feature for some tables to use batch actions such as selecting several clients to send emails to.

Improved stock item searching in quotes, invoices and purchase orders.

Swimlanes will now be able to have filters on them.

Fix for the invoice status to change properly after email has been sent.

Reloading a table which has a date filter active will no longer break the table.

Fixed an issue which was stopping events being created without a client.

Fixed support ticket header to say highest instead of critical.

Changed MYOB button to disable while sending to stop intermittent issue with getting an invoice sent more than once if clicked multiple times.
Version 2.7.6 (3.04.2020)
Adds support for read more/less on cells for screens.

Fix buttons manage users table.

Add ability to open interactions on client instead of another page.

Allow adding MYOB button when MYOB integration is turned on.

Allow email templates for different types of objects i.e. quotes, invoices, receipts, exports, etc.

Fix comments on invoice to be open by default.

Update support tickets to be scrollable on smaller screens and make tabs scrollable.

Allow separating of form exports by client category.

Fix for table date filter to remember states.

Fix issue with negative stock quantities not displaying in stock item header.

Payments table in sidebar now using the new table system.

Adding a payment will auto add the remaining balance of the invoice to the amount to be paid.

Fix issue stopping payment emails from opening payment.

Support tickets auto adds the user to the assignees.

Fix issue with email templates not adding multiple emails to ‘To’ field.

Email template will now add emails to the ‘To’ field rather than overwriting.
Version 2.7.10 (6.05.2020)
Add ability to add multiple attachments to emails.

Add ability to set the attachments on an email template which will add to the email when the template is selected.

Email attachments will now show when viewing a sent email from the email list. Attachments can be downloaded or viewed.

Fix file number auto-numbering from skipping numbers under certain conditions.

Fix top client tabs not changing when moving from a client in one category to a client in another category.

Add option on email templates to disable salutations and sign-off.

Add option to add custom salutations on email template.

Fix sending email loading indicator to wait until email is send before closing.

Fix table filters from not displaying saved filer state on reload of table.

Fix display of user profile image dropdown.

Update phone number field with validation. Fields will now have a country picker to set phone type. Phone numbers will be auto-formatted to match country format.

Allow sort field and sort direction on reports to be saved and loaded from report template.

Fixed display of timeline on a supplier.

Add quantity to the sales table on a stock item.

Fix book in and adjustments tables on a stock item to display items only for that stock item.

Add ability for auto-numbering of purchase order numbers.
Version 2.7.13 (21.05.2020)
Comments now add a notification to any @mentions and to the creator of the entity that the comment is on.

Fix for exports which are not pdf files from exporting as a pdf file.

Fix issue where scrolling in picker lists wouldn’t display all items.

Fix issue where the comment input box was displaying incorrectly.
Version 2.7.14 (27.05.2020)
Added ability to log in to CRM using your username instead of your email. Using your email is still a valid log in method.

Added ability to duplicate a quote from the quotes list or the quotes list on a client. Click on the three dots to find the duplicate option.

Reports will now save the state of the loaded report template when clicking ‘Update Template’. This includes date range, pull report by, sort by and any filters that have been added to the template by us.

Added ability to have more information when selecting a client from the drop-down within a support ticket.

Added ability to view comments associated with a quote or invoice by clicking the three dots next to the quote or invoice and clicking view comments.

Changed our email handler provider.
Version 2.8.0 (2.06.2020)
Client Tabs are now able to have permissions applied to them, so you can choose who sees what.

Fix: Searching on Boards, so that if you need to see specific filtered items when a board loads, you can. No more extra clicks.

Fix stock book in table to show the purchase name instead of gibberish.

After task creation the new task will open in a slide out drawer from the right side of the screen.
Version 2.8.2 (10.06.2020)
Ability to add comments on stock and suppliers.

Fix to fields not copying from a disabled group of fields.

Fix large gab when on a client for teams without the comments sidebar.

Turned comments sidebar on by default.

Added ability to turn on a dashboard per team.

Added ability to allow automated email actions to send to all contacts’ emails of a certain role.
Version 2.8.3 (17.06.2020)
Allow setting the file encoding on exported text files.

Ability to add conditions to automated team actions.

New delivery date field on a purchase order.

Fix error on reports which would stop reports loading if a field doesn’t exist.

Up total items on a page on tables up to 500.

Tasks on a project now open up from the side like events.

Fix duplication of events when edited.

Disable closing of the support ticket creation pop-up by clicking the background.

Fix comments/timeline sidebar when in a project to open full sized to the right of the project view.
Version 2.8.4 (24.06.2020)
Contact pickers will now load the name of the contact on reload of the form.

Fixed issue with reports not loading on first try when pulling contacts and comments.

Page title will update to show the contact name when a contact is opened.

Fixes comment box not sticking to the bottom when scrolling a list of comments in sidebar.
Version 2.8.5 (1.07.2020)
Added support for mobile responsive filters on swimline boards.

Added ability to create emails from a webhook.

Added ability to generate invoice number, invoice date and due date in a webhook.

Fix merge fields in automated emails so they work in the subject line.

Increase sensitivity of duplicate matches when creating a client.

Added permissions to restrict editing of pills on a screen.

Fix issue with external screens not loading due to a mis-configured filter.

Fix to stop email from continuously updating preventing copying content.

Added ability to show images and custom html on form template buttons.

Fix issue with calendar where it wouldn’t load due to categories on tasks.

Add support to allow stock items to be configured using components in quotes and invoices.
Version 2.8.6 (3.07.2020)
Add api call for converting between national and international phone numbers.

Quote number will now be stored on invoice after conversion.

Added options to use tomorrow for the date filter for tables.

Fix exporting tables to csv to show the value of pills.
Version 2.8.7 (7.07.2020)
Add api call for converting between national and international phone numbers.

Quote number will now be stored on invoice after conversion.

Added options to use tomorrow for the date filter for tables.

Fix exporting tables to csv to show the value of pills.
Version 2.8.8 (14.07.2020)
Invoice balance will update automatically when a payment is added.

Support for drop-down filters on screens.

Ability to resend emails from email list.

Fix issue with the stock picker on invoices/quotes not clearing list when non match query.

Add ability to have read only team files.

Add ability to sort table pill values.

Add ability to auto-complete non-Australian addresses.
Version 2.8.9 (16.07.2020)
Fix issue with recipient not auto-filling when replying to email within crm.

Added invoices, quotes and contacts to global search.
Version 2.8.10 (17.07.2020)
Fix issue stopping the quotes pop-up not loading when opened outside of a client.
Version 2.8.11 (20.07.2020)
Archived items will now look different to unarchived items.

Fix user name saving incorrectly when edition your profile details.

Add support for enabling validation on date fields to ensure dates are between certain values.

Add support for enabling validation on date fields based on the value of other date fields.
Version 2.8.12 (28.07.2020)
Add ability to ctrl (windows) or cmd (mac) click an item on a board or screen to open in a new tab.

Totals at the bottom of quotes and invoices list will now update when filters are changed.

Add ability to jump to the connected quote from an invoice using the jump arrow next to quote number.

Updated the files tab on a stock item to use the file upload manager.
Ability to have multiple myob accounts.

Fix email actioned button not saving.
Version 2.8.13 (4.08.2020)
Add ability to duplicate an invoice.

Updated styling of external quote view.
Version 2.8.14 (12.08.2020)
Fixed alignment and spacing for new in-line address input fields.

Optimisation to table lists to make them load a bit faster.

Totals at the bottom of quotes and invoices lists should adjust to match selected filters.

Add auto-correct for time input fields which will change 24 hour time to 12 hour time.

Add validation for time input fields to show error if values are missing.

Fix issue where duplicate data could be created when reordering form groups.

Fix issue where duplicate data could be created when reordering stock lines on quotes / invoices.

Add a Gantt Chart feature that can be added to teams.

Fix issue where the external view for quotes wasn’t showing as accepted before refresh after accepting quote.

Fixed issue where under certain circumstances email content doesn’t display when viewed through Fire Hawk.

Added support to change what dashboard charts are pulled by per team.

Added permissions to the lock / unlock invoice button.

Add sorting to users / assignees pickers.

Fixed issue with replying to emails containing multiple CC email addresses.
Version 2.8.15 (19.08.2020)
Fix issue where field values wouldn’t copy between drop-down pickers.

Added support to pin columns on screens so they don’t move when scrolled horizontally.

Added ability to have custom page display when loading external client page.

Fix for quotes and invoices to use exclusive price when switching to no gst.

Support to add more permissions so as to limit access to more areas.

Fix issue with asset form fields ‘jumping’ when saving form.

Add support for allowing selection of stock / custom price for items on an invoice template.

Add support for allowing reports templates to show archived sub-items.

Fix bug where quote notifications would show as invoice notifications.
Version 2.8.16 (26.08.2020)
Fix: Typing an invalid sub-domain will now redirect to login page.

Added: Support to create invoices and estimates from sidebar on a client.

Fix: Links not being clickable on card lists.

Added: Add a new map and route for viewing user locations that have been tracked using CRM devices.

Fix: Issue with date field validation where it would set date to the min date instead of validating it.

Added: Support to save search bar data per list per user.

Added: Made client header sticky when scrolled down the screen.

Fix: Ability to email a purchase order.

Fix: Issue when changing categories on client form.

Added: if stock items are configurable, when you add them to a quote it will show you the form.

Fix: PDF export buttons will now save to client export history.

Modified: Bulk Interest is now calculated in a more efficient way.

Fix: Loading of External Client Information Capture Form.

Added: Custom header text when loading external client.

Fix: Show emails which have been actioned on inbox and sent.

Added: Added option to hide salutations from automated email based on template.
Version 2.8.17 (2.09.2020)
Fix: Reordering form groups would duplicate data.

Fix: Form not saving after confirmation pop-up is confirmed.

Update: Forward button now activated on emails.

Update: Ability to resend email using 3 dots to the right of an email.

Fix: Loading of quotes and invoices in the sidebar.

Update: Adding a payment to an invoice will lock the invoice.

Fix: Invoices displayed on a screen will now show correctly.

Update: Allow document export buttons on the bottom of invoices to be added per team without waiting for an update.

Fix: Certain emailed exports wouldn’t open when the link is clicked to view.
Version 2.8.18 (9.09.2020)
Fix: Phone number fields not saving on contact forms.

Update: Added permissions client categories.

Feature: Allowed a task to be a sub-task of a task.

Update: Updated sales list to new card list.

Update: Support for auto-refreshing on calendar.

Update: Clients already exist window now only shows exact matches.

Update: Made external quote view responsive to work efficiently on smaller devices such as phones.

Update: Support for confirmation box to appear when changing the value of segment picker fields.

Update: Limit mobile devices from downloading more than one item at a time.
Feature: Add client feedback page to the client header.

Fix: Items per page button on lists not remembering state.

Fix: Reversed colours for balance card at top of client.

Fix: Quote status switching back to previous state when clicking save on a quote after changing the status.

Fix: External Invoice not loading on certain teams.

Fix: Issue with document export not downloading with filename or extension after emailed which caused files not to open.
Version 2.8.19 (16.09.2020)
Fix: Auto-incrementing of purchase orders.
Fix: Populating of recipient name when replying to emails.
Fix: Styling of in-line images in emails.
Fix: Increase sensitivity of duplicate client search on client creation.
Fix: Dashboard charts will no longer show archived items.
Added: Files able to be added to quotes.
Added: Support for read status on comments.
Fix: Restrict permissions for accessing client categories from client table.
Update: Additional permissions for client tabs.
Added: Ability to add interest invoice to multiple clients at once.
Added: Support for grouping clients by category.
Update: Styling changes to invoice builder.
Added: Ability to add folders to file manager and move files between them.
Fix: Ability to edit due date on invoices.
Version 2.8.21 (23.09.2020)
Fix: File manager on quotes.
Add: File manager on invoices.
Update: Remember sorting state for card lists.
Update: Payment will go to stripe using team’s currency.
Fix: Client category not being set on certain teams.
Update: SMS list to use card list.
Update: Fire Hawk users to appear in mentions for support tickets.
Update: Created time now appearing on support ticket.
Add: Option to disable showing line breaks in email templates.
Update: Supplier category to new card list.
Add: Support for adding notes field to estimates and invoices.
Fix: Changing admin status on invoices will hide/show the email button without having to reopen invoice.
Fix: Creating asset and pressing the enter key instead of clicking create will now save the title properly.
Fix: Issue with display image not deleting properly on removal.
Fix: Allow quotes and invoices to be created from a project.
Version 2.8.22 (30.09.2020)
Update: Add space after mentions in comments.
Fix: Saving issue with addresses causing a loop when using the enter key in a field.
Fix: Payment exports not passing though client properly.
Add: Ability to add files to users.
Update: Support for tasks to use new list.
Fix: Scrolling issue on mobile devices where quotes and invoices wouldn’t be able to be scrolled down.
Fix: Ability to create comment on a task.
Fix: Issue with notifications were saving with the creator being the person mentioned.
Version 2.8.23 (07.10.2020)
Update: Comments on an invoice to appear in a slide in modal
Fix: Issue causing external client forms to not load correctly
Add: Ability to download transcript or recording for a call
Fix: Quote status not always being set on quote acceptance
Fix: Populating of client name in create modal when creating an invoice on a project
Update: Invoices email form to only show files from the invoice’s files tab when adding files to an email
Version 2.8.24 (14.10.2020)
Added: Support for to-do lists.
Added: Horizontal scroll bars for external screens for Windows machines.
Fix: Comments view in support tickets to work on small devices.
Added: File export history for when file is opened from email.
Added: Assignees to digest card on calendar.
Added: Location information to digest card on calendar.
Added: Auto scroll to today’s tasks/events when calendar opens to digest card on calendar.
Added: Team users to email address drop downs when sending email.
Fix: Internal reference being overridden if external reference is added to quote when it is accepted on external quote view.
Fix: Support ticket notifications being associated with FireHawk’s team instead of the support ticket’s team.
Fix: Comment notifications now link to the entity that the comment was created on instead of the comment itself.
Fix: Refinement for client exist searching when creating client.
Version 2.8.25 (21.10.2020)
Update: Added switch between all and personal to-do lists.
Update: Added filters to hide private lists on to-do lists.
Update: Added support for discounts on invoices.
Fix: Issue with discounts when using inclusive pricing on quotes.
Fix: Issue preventing mentioning other teams in support comments.
Added: Change quotes on any non-Australian team to use BN and Tax instead of ABN and GST.
Update: Timeline updates to increase detail on some entities.
Update: Ability to disable for a team search boxes from keeping data.
Version 2.8.26 (28.10.2020)
Added: Support to allow users to delete invoices.
Added: Ability to unaccept quotes.
Added: Tooltips for column titles on screens.
Fix: Fields locked due to user interaction will now unlock upon the idle countdown popping up.
Added: Caps lock warning to login page.
Added: Show password button on the login page.
Update: Lists to new card lists: Stock Locations, Stock Adjustments, and Stock Usages.
Update: Withdrawn invoices will no longer appear on overdue invoices list.
Fix: Sort of support ticket status to be in order of columns.
Update: Small optimisation to invoices and quotes to make them load a bit quicker.
Version 2.8.27 (4.11.2020)
Added: Front end support for xero integration for purchase orders.
Update: Ability to add events to Gantt chart.
Fix: Removal/duplication of line items on quotes and invoices when reordering line items.
Added: Ability to deselect single select pickers.
Fix: Occasional issue with copy fields not saving if fields are disabled.
Fix: Spelling of attendance in timeline.
Added: Support for nested tabs inside client tabs.
Added: Saving of the search and filter state on support board.
Fix: Goggle calendar drop-down on event category not filtering properly.
Update: New look for FireHawk loading splash screen.
Fix: Day field not updating on date pickers when the date is typed in.
Update: Provinces showing properly for UK addresses.
Fix: Issue with saving an event causing a saving loop.
Update: Add author to the generated interest invoice.
Fix: Ability to email a payment or view the pdf when user has permission to view payments but not permission to edit them.
Fix: Stop inline images i.e. signatures from saving to the client files for inbound emails.
Version 2.8.28 (11.11.2020)
Fix: Issue with exporting reports to CSV splitting columns if the column title includes a comma.
Fix: Search term and filters from client list remembering state for the sub-client list on a client.
Added: Ability to send purchase orders to xero.
Fix: Email modal showing client name instead of contact name.
Fix: Issue with ids occasionally showing on card lists.
Update: Usergroups list to new card list.
Added: Support for using dropdown menus on card lists.
Update: Card list filters will show as a cog and slide open on smaller devices.
Update: Client tab counters to work with custom components and performance increase.
Update: Support ticket timeline to fit within frame.
Fix: Support ticket status not updating timeline.
Add: Support for notification when dragging support tickets to another column.
Fix: Redirect to previous page upon saving stock.
Fix: Loading user states for filters on card list only loading singe value of multi value fields.
Update: Support for card list to show/hide filters conditionally.
Added: Spell checker for editor fields.
Version 2.8.29 (18.11.2020)
Fix: Error caused by no values being returned for report entities.
Fix: Clearing filters on tables to work correctly.
Fix: Filters state on tables saving the same state for two different tables.
Fix: Support to override date format per team to set how dates are displayed.
Update: Task swim-lanes now open in slide out drawer.
Update: Add border to new address groups.
Update: Remove redirect when saving task.
Fix: Remove archived invoices from balance calculation.
Add: Support for custom email address contacts to be added per team.
Version 2.8.30 (25.11.2020)
Add: Remove tax options for UK teams.
Add: Change currency for UK teams.
Add: Support for adding confirmation box when changing a field value.
Add: Support for adding week view back into calendar.
Add: Sorting drop-down to list actions drawer for mobile devices.
Fix: Issue with gray bar across screen introduced in Chrome 87.0.4280.67.
Fix: Make column team overrides work on report templates.
Update: Withdrawn invoices no longer show button to send to xero.
Version 2.8.31 (2.12.2020)
Update: Pop-up boxes will show gray placeholder fields while loading.
Add: Support to change the labels for quotes per team.
Update: Contact team email from an expired external quote will add the quote number to the subject line of the email.
Add: Support to filter stock list by tag from address URL.
Add: Support to overwrite screen title per team.
Add: Adding a supplier from a supplier drop-down will automatically add the tags to the new supplier.
Update: Client category name to appear if client name doesn’t exist.
Fix: Calculation fields will no longer error if a calculation field is empty.
Fix: Issue with age not deleting when the calculation fields are removed.
Fix: Issue with board columns not showing in correct order.
Add: Support to hide client account balance per team.
Version 2.9.0 (4.12.2020)
Update: Moved codebase over to latest version.
Version 2.9.1 & 2.9.2 (9.12.2020)
Fix: Error preventing family link from loading.
Update: Add ability to change the date format a table uses when exporting to CSV.
Update: On a quote, optional items will be faded out, quote total won’t include optional items. After quote is accepted, the selected optional items won’t be faded out and the total will include those selected items. Unselected optional items will still be faded out and won’t be added to the total.
Add: Permissions can now be applied to project tabs.
Update: Email templates can now contain code to merge data.
Fix: Added calculation of end date for events based on duration.
Add: Pickers can now filter in and out by category.
Fix: Notification emails will now direct you to the expected team.
Add: Threaded email conversions in inbox.
Add: Invoices will now create in the correct category.
Fix: Conversions now set more fields automatically at the destination.
Version 2.9.3 (16.12.2020)
Update: Support for showing the x axis label on charts.
Add: Contact create pop-up will now check for existing contacts.
Fix: Allow report templates to save/load entities from new database.
Add: Right hand sidebar has icons instead of text for navigation.
Fix: Cookie service used for cross sub-domain login wasn’t working properly.
Fix: Adjusted Side menu sub-menu colours to be readable when selected.
Update: Allow team specific override of the default stock form template.
Update: Responsiveness updates for the project and invoice tables.
Update: Remove increment/decrement buttons for date pickers on small devices.
Fix: Side drawer pop-ups could be scrolled horizontally on small devices.
Fix: Loading indicators being compressed when first loading a form.
Update: Layout styling of forms in side drawer pop-ups.
Fix: Pagination footer responsiveness for tables.
Update: Stock form layout.
Add: End date calculation for event pop-up.
Add: Stock quantities will now be calculated via our API.
Fix: Project create pop-up now shows expected client details.
Fix: Mobile menu now collapses as intended.
Added: Enables team abbreviations in pickers.
Fix: Dashboard tables retained filters.
Added: Ability to select contact from email-new.
Added: Work-flow now creates card item.
Added: Comments to incoming web-hooks.
Added: Ability for users to create their own teams.
Added: Document headers and footers can now contain merged information.
Version 2.9.4 (23.12.2020)
Fix: Tooltips on support board not displaying correctly.
Fix: Display order of xero, myob and quickbooks to be the last column in tables.
Fix: New button on tables hiding on smaller devices.
Added: Send to xero showing on payments.
Added: Send to xero showing on purchase orders.
Update: Timetracks now using new table.

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