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2022 FireHawkCRM Web Updates

Version 2.18.0 (12.01.2022)
Added: Ability to prevent orders from being converted to an invoice if items on the order don’t have enough stock on hand.
Fixed: Comments are now using the server time to stop them showing out of order.
Updated: FireHawk Stock Adjustment form now using the latest form version.
Updated: Support to set the date field used by the FireHawk Daily Planner in the dashboard.
Added: Ability to enable auto-numbering for suppliers.
Added: Stock tab in stock locations showing a list of stock that has been at that location.
Added: Show the order number on an invoice if the invoice was generated from an order.
Updated: Timeline on clients will now show when the client has been viewed by a user.
Fixed: Stock location pickers will no longer show archived items.
Added: Ability to set promotions to exclude items starting with a set phrase.
Fixed: The breadcrumbs on quotes, orders and invoices will now take you to the correct location.
Added: This financial year and previous financial year options added to the date range for exports and reports.
Fixed: Blank items will no longer show on drop down pickers.
Fixed: The supplier field on purchase orders should now show the selected item after loading.
Fixed: Description field on orders will now trigger a save when leaving the field.
Added: Group teams can now filter by brand.
Added: Added ability to create stock usages from list.
Added: You can now add a payment to an invoice from the invoice list.
Updated: Extra functionality to the exports system to better handle large amounts of data.
Added: Support to use stock nicknames when sending to Xero.
Added: Text field line items on invoices will now be sent to Xero.
Added: Ability to use client locations in PDF export.
Added: Ability to show a QR code on an export PDF for non-mapped documents.
Version 2.19.0 (19.01.2022)
Fixed: Financial dates will now work correctly in reports.
Fixed: Order will now show if it has been converted to an invoice correctly.
Updated: FireHawk Asset Planner will now auto-refresh when an event is edited.
Added: FireHawk Asset Planner will now save your most recent view selection.
Updated: Adjustments will now track the average cost of stock removal.
Added: Validation to orders, quotes and invoices creation pop-ups.
Added: Ability to create a blockout event from the FireHawk Planner on the dashboard.
Added: Cremation slots can now be filled using the Month Planner Digest.
Added: Support to allow extra code around exported report csv fields to stop auto-field detection in Excel.
Updated: The ability for teams to manage quote and invoice numbers have been extended.
Added: Purchases now default their statuses to draft.
Updated: Stock audit to show processes and handle sale factors.

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