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2022 FireHawkCRM Web Updates

Version 2.18.0 (12.01.2022)
Added: Ability to prevent orders from being converted to an invoice if items on the order don’t have enough stock on hand.
Fixed: Comments are now using the server time to stop them showing out of order.
Updated: FireHawk Stock Adjustment form now using the latest form version.
Updated: Support to set the date field used by the FireHawk Daily Planner in the dashboard.
Added: Ability to enable auto-numbering for suppliers.
Added: Stock tab in stock locations showing a list of stock that has been at that location.
Added: Show the order number on an invoice if the invoice was generated from an order.
Updated: Timeline on clients will now show when the client has been viewed by a user.
Fixed: Stock location pickers will no longer show archived items.
Added: Ability to set promotions to exclude items starting with a set phrase.
Fixed: The breadcrumbs on quotes, orders and invoices will now take you to the correct location.
Added: This financial year and previous financial year options added to the date range for exports and reports.
Fixed: Blank items will no longer show on drop down pickers.
Fixed: The supplier field on purchase orders should now show the selected item after loading.
Fixed: Description field on orders will now trigger a save when leaving the field.
Added: Group teams can now filter by brand.
Added: Added ability to create stock usages from list.
Added: You can now add a payment to an invoice from the invoice list.
Updated: Extra functionality to the exports system to better handle large amounts of data.
Added: Support to use stock nicknames when sending to Xero.
Added: Text field line items on invoices will now be sent to Xero.
Added: Ability to use client locations in PDF export.
Added: Ability to show a QR code on an export PDF for non-mapped documents.
Version 2.19.0 (19.01.2022)
Fixed: Financial dates will now work correctly in reports.
Fixed: Order will now show if it has been converted to an invoice correctly.
Updated: FireHawk Asset Planner will now auto-refresh when an event is edited.
Added: FireHawk Asset Planner will now save your most recent view selection.
Updated: Adjustments will now track the average cost of stock removal.
Added: Validation to orders, quotes and invoices creation pop-ups.
Added: Ability to create a blockout event from the FireHawk Planner on the dashboard.
Added: Cremation slots can now be filled using the Month Planner Digest.
Added: Support to allow extra code around exported report csv fields to stop auto-field detection in Excel.
Updated: The ability for teams to manage quote and invoice numbers have been extended.
Added: Purchases now default their statuses to draft.
Updated: Stock audit to show processes and handle sale factors.
Version 2.20.0 (27.01.2022)
Updated: Free stock alert system to check line item stock quantities
Added: Ability to have to do lists on support tickets
Updated: Email list now refreshes when an email is sent
Updated: CSV export from tables to included pricing column data
Fixed: Feedback form saving issue
Updated: Searchable fields on the stock reorder table
Fixed: Issues generating selected team CSV exports
Updated: Client terms is now available in reports
Updated: Quote template creation now pulls brand level stock items
Updated: Notifications system to handle feedback notifications
Updated: If a pay on time discount is applied we can not send that to Xero by creating a new line on the invoice on send
Updated: Popups can be resized with ease
Version 2.21.0 (3.02.2022)
Added: A new entity for itinerary management.
Updated: Archived or disabled users no longer show in mentions.
Updated: Stock Processes will now ignore letters in the quantity field.
Added: Entries entity to receive form data.
Updated: Ability for FireHawk Dashboard to use custom elements.
Updated: Versioning on orders have been improved.
Added: Integration with the ability to send a settlement discount line when sending invoices to Xero.
Version 2.22.0 (9.02.2022)
Updated: Tables on a team are now able to show data from child teams.
Added: Ability to add a signature request drop down option to the PDF button on quotes.
Added: A label to the header of a stock item that shows if the stock item is a variation of another stock item.
Updated: Made improvements to the way forms work when being accessed by two different devices at the same time.
Fixed: Issue with not being able to filter by team tags in tables.
Updated: A line item on a quote template or invoice template that has blank pricing fields will now pull the pricing off the stock item when using the template.
Version 2.23.0 (16.02.2022)
Fixed: Stock items on quote/invoice templates with no retail price and no price set on the template will now show with a $0.00 price when generated to the quote/invoice.
Added: Todo list is now available to be used on clients.
Fixed: Support tickets should now move columns successfully when using the status picker.
Fixed: Ability to send a request to sign document from quotes.
Fixed: Status and currency pickers at the top of purchase orders will now save their state correctly.
Fixed: Data now displaying correctly in the slots on the FireHawk Planner.
Fixed: Stock book-in’s list on a purchase order will now show the correct stock book-in’s.
Fixed: Files tab is now showing on tasks when they open with the slide out drawer.
Fixed: Having two user profiles opened at the same time and editing one will now only update the user profile you edited.
Updated: Stock processes now allow conversion from one to many.
Fixed: Changing the pricing currency on a stock item will now save correctly.
Version 2.24.0 (23.02.2022)
Added: Ability to have drop down pickers on screens.
Added: Ability to allow multi-line text fields to grow vertically to fit content.
Fixed: The purchase order status will now save correctly when it is changed.
Fixed: Loading a table with a saved date range filter will now load as expected.
Updated: When an order is converted to an invoice, the order will now lock correctly on all devices where it is open.
Updated: Interface for purchase orders, and optimised their saving and loading.
Fixed: Special characters will now show correctly for mapped pdf forms.
Version 2.25.0 (2.03.2022)
Added: Ability to deselect an attachment when sending emails.
Updated: Improved auto-number generation for invoices, orders and purchase orders.
Added: Exports tab is now available on events.
Added: Tool-tips to the actions in the header of a client.
Added: Ability to merge a client which will move all projects and quotes to another client.
Updated: Tasks and events will now close after the save button is pressed.
Added: Jump arrows will now appear on more entity types.
Fixed: Side menu will no longer open when scrolling the page on small devices.
Fixed: Changing the asset type picker will now change the form correctly.
Version 2.26.0 (9.03.2022)
Updated: Optimised searching in drop down menus.
Fixed: Quote, invoice and order fields will now lock correctly.
Fixed: Credit notes will now load correctly.
Updated: Increased the amount of tags that are able to be in the tag cloud on a supplier.
Added: FireHawk Purchase orders will now change their status to sent after sending via email.
Updated: The email recipient field will now show more contacts when being sent from a client.
Fixed: Back orders generated from an order that has already been converted to an invoice will no longer have their status set to invoiced.
Fixed: Sorting the columns of the invoice and order table on stock will now work correctly.
Version 2.27.0 (16.03.2022)
Added: The starting day of the calendar can now be set in team settings.
Fixed: Screen filters not using drop down menus will now work correctly.
Added: Support to set the default tab to open when loading a form.
Fixed: Cremation clients in slots on the FireHawk Planner now show correctly.
Updated: Purchase orders will now show the received quantity on stock line items without needing to expand them.
Updated: International date formatting will now be used on the timeline and in the header of slide out views.
Fixed: Issue preventing Xero payments coming back to FireHawk.
Version 2.28.0 (23.03.2022)
Added: A load more button to the file manager.
Added: Support for allowing tag clouds to be displayed grouped by parent tag category.
Added: Support for displaying credit limit and balance when creating an order.
Fixed: The project categories table can now add a category from the new button.
Fixed: The status on a purchase order will no longer be removed when saving.
Fixed: The stock bookin table will no longer show archived items.
Added: Ability to duplicate stock items.
Fixed: Allocation of emails received to custom branch email addresses.
Version 2.29.0 (30.03.2022)
Updated: Support to allow the stock field on a line item on orders, quotes and invoices to extend to the end of the available space.
Added: The tax, payment and total information is now available on the invoices and quotes on the side bar on a client.
Updated: On an accepted quote, line items which are marked as optional that have not been included will appear faded out.
Fixed: Status on purchase orders will now save correctly.
Fixed: When mentioned in a dashboard comment, the notification in the bell notifications will now take you to the dashboard correctly.
Fixed: Removing price of line item on a purchase order will now calculate correctly.
Fixed: Bookins will no longer be created with no items on them.
Added: Ability to select incoming email users that will receive notifications on emails that haven’t originated from an email sent in CRM.
Added: Ability to send credit notes to Xero.
Updated: Ability to set the starting month of the financial year for date ranges on reports.
Version 2.30.0 (6.04.2022)
Updated: Support tickets will now close when the save button is pressed.
Fixed: Calculated values in fields will now handle rounding correctly.
Updated: Optimised quotes, invoices, purchase orders and bookins.
Updated: Stock audit list will now show client names.
Updated: Stock reorder list will now handle a minimum stock threshold of 0.
Version 2.34.0 (11.05.2022)
Added: Ability to download an export by clicking on the name.
Added: Ability to toggle through states on task checklists on boards.
Added: Ability to set default email addresses to populate in the CC field when sending emails.
Fixed: Archived users will no longer display in staff drop downs.
Fixed: Creating a quote from a quote template that contains optional items will now show those items as optional on the new quote.
Added: The asset planner will now show venues that are attached to the events on the given day.
Updated: Changed the way the asset planner handles availability of time slots.
Version 2.35.0 (18.05.2022)
Added: Team brands will now be reflected on external quotes and invoices.
Updated: Added additional merge tags for clients in emails.
Added: Ability to shift-click user pills on tasks table to immediately select your user if it is in the list.
Updated: Improved the allocation of assets for the asset planner.
Fixed: The starting day on date range pickers can now be changed to any day of the week.
Fixed: Events sidebar on asset planner will now load correctly.
Updated: Improved conversion from orders to invoices.
Version 2.36.0 (25.05.2022)
Added: Ability to remove values from fields when another field is changed.
Updated: Event headers will now be able to include event specific information.
Added: Hovering over an event on the asset planner will show client information.
Updated: Improved conditional logic when showing or hiding fields.
Updated: Merge tag fields for client data when sending emails.
Fixed: Issue with some drop down fields not loading data if the selected item no longer exists.
Fixed: Asset availability drop down fields will now load all items when scrolling.
Updated: Optimised the generating of invoice numbers when converting to an invoice from an order or a quote.
Updated: Optimised generating of exports.
Version 2.37.0 (1.06.2022)
Added: Ability to refresh the support board.
Added: Ability to reverse the sorting on the support board.
Added: Client drop-down filter to team exports which can be configured for filtering of exports.
Fixed: Ability to change your user profile picture.
Fixed: Client filter on invoice table will now work correctly.
Added: Client will now populate in the breadcrumbs of a project if there is a linked client.
Added: Ability to set a default custom time period for availability of assets on asset planner.
Fixed: Boards will now load correctly.
Version 2.38.0 (8.06.2022)
Added: Ability to set the default payment amount to zero on the external invoice view.
Added: Ability to set a default payment message on the external invoice view.
Fixed: Filters on team exports will now display correctly.
Fixed: Displaying of items correctly after being created from the plus button on a drop-down field.
Updated: Default client and project tabs will now include finances.
Updated: Comments will now display the correct date format for US based teams.
Version 2.39.0 (16.06.2022)
Added: Ability to forward previously signed documents within CRM.
Added: Refresh button to asset planner.
Fixed: The domestic button on quotes will now work correctly.
Updated: Added ability for items on orders to have no quantity when initially added to the order.
Fixed: Initial invoice due date will now work correctly when using a custom due date period set on the client.
Version 2.40.0 (22.06.2022)
Added: Buttons to show/hide sections on the asset planner.
Added: Ability to disable auto assigning current user when creating an event.
Added: Support to auto-generate email content based on a selected event when sending an email.
Fixed: Auto back-order system will now be working correctly.
Updated: The comments sidebar will now show when opening an event from the calendar.
Added: Ability to open a send email pop-up from a button within a form.
Updated: Overdue invoice list will now show overpaid invoices.
Updated: All day events will now fill the available space on the asset planner.
Fixed: Event planner will now load correctly when the week starting day is set to Sunday.
Updated: Event planner month view now shows days in structured columns the same as the calendar.
Version 2.41.0 (29.06.2022)
Added: The client name in the header of an event when clicked will open the client in a new tab.
Added: Ability to sign a document without having to send an email.
Fixed: Loading an existing report template will now show the financial year option in the date range field correctly.
Fixed: Reports using the financial year option in the date range field will now show the expected results.
Updated: Day view on calendar to show the file number along with the name of the client on events.
Version 2.42.0 (7.07.2022)
Updated: Send email pop-up will now display contacts that are attached to a selected event.
Fixed: Purchase orders will now load correctly if a comma is entered in a quantity field.
Fixed: Orders will now save changes before creating a back-order.
Fixed: Emails sent from the export list on an event will now show the file correctly when you download it.
Updated: The Xero button will now only show if Xero integration is enabled.
Updated: The comments table will now show the client and event names if applicable.
Updated: Generated reports now show the date range they are generated for in the filename of the export.
Version 2.43.0 (14.07.2022)
Added: Support for displaying a cover letter in the invoice external view.
Updated: External view on credit notes.
Added: Files tab to credit notes.
Added: A client that has a similar name to another client will now show a message at the top of the client.
Added: Support to allow a UK team to show tax types on invoice line items.
Added: Team tab to file picker fields which will only show files that have been uploaded to the team.
Fixed: Switch pages on an event will now load the page correctly.
Fixed: Converting an order to an invoice will now load the invoice correctly.
Fixed: Converting an order to an invoice will now show the due date correctly on the generated invoice.
Fixed: Issue with Quickbooks integration not showing as connected after authenticating.
Version 2.44.0 (21.07.2022)
Added: Creating a new stock item will now check if a similar item exists before creation.
Added: Ability for a product brochure to be added to a stock item that can be downloaded from the external quote view.
Added: Articles can now have comments.
Added: When a user is assigned to a task a notification will be sent to the assigned user.
Updated: Timeline will now display entries when multi-select fields are changed.
Added: Ability to reply to comments.
Added: Ability to change the label of the email button on invoices.
Fixed: Multi-select filters will now work correctly when also using the reverse filter.
Fixed: Uploading a file after already uploading the same file will now work as expected.
Fixed: Stock Process calculations will now work as expected.
Fixed: Archiving events will now update the availability system so allocation times can be reused.
Updated: The balance at the top of a client will now be updated without having to refresh the client.
Version 2.45.0 (27.07.2022)
Added: Support for events to show on screens.
Added: Ability to return items on a credit note.
Added: Support for client comments to be set to always show all comments by default.
Added: Selected brand and branch will now display in the client header.
Fixed: All fields on a locked invoice will no longer be editable.
Fixed: Comment reply threads will now load correctly and update the counter correctly.
Fixed: Exports emailed from events will now open correctly.
Fixed: Changing of ingredients on stock will now work correctly.
Version 2.46.0 (3.08.2022)
Added: Email Preview system when sending emails.
Added: Loading placeholder to the side menu.
Updated: Improved loading performance of side menu.
Added: Ability to lock / unlock purchase orders.
Fixed: Caller can now be used for the recipient of the invoice when sent to Xero if caller is Account To.
Version 2.47.0 (10.08.2022)
Web: Added ability to define the default senders email address per user.
Updated: Accepted quotes will stay as accepted if emailed to the customer again.
Fixed: Email signatures will now work correctly.
Updated: Global search will now show clients before other results.
Added: Comments list to user profiles.
Version 2.48.0 (17.08.2022)
Added: Ability to disable order creation for a client who is on credit hold.
Fixed: Layout has been updated on the files tab for slide out panels.
Added: Load more button has been added to the files tab on slide out panels.
Fixed: Stock lines on quotes that have been generated from a template with a quantity of 0 will now show 0 on the quote.
Version 2.50.0 (1.09.2022)
Fixed: The name field will now auto-populate when sending an email when set to only show the first name.
Updated: Notifications will now use country date formats.
Updated: Adding the first line item to a quote will now default the quantity to one.
Fixed: Invoices will now send to Xero for New Zealand teams.
Version 2.51.0 (8.09.2022)
Added: Planner and calendar will now show locations on events.
Version 2.52.0 (15.09.2022)
Added: Permissions to user profile tabs.
Fixed: Setting default date period on invoices will use the period selected on the client by default (if available).
Added: Support for language translations on global search field.
Updated: File list on support tickets will now use country based date formats.
Added: Ability to manually trigger a team action via a button in a form.
Version 2.53.0 (21.09.2022)
Added: Emails will now show on projects.
Fixed: Changing of tabs in an event will no longer change the tab in the client record as well.
Fixed: Reports will no longer duplicate when updating the report after removing a column.
Updated: The create report and update report buttons are now visible allowing for updating or duplicating of a report.
Fixed: Handling of tax for international quotes.
Added: Support for language translations on fields.
Version 2.54.0 (29.09.2022)
Fixed: Default values on fields will now work correctly if the field is conditionally shown after the form is loaded.
Version 2.55.0 (13.10.2022)
Added: Ability to lock and unlock credit notes.
Added: Comments sidebar will now show on stock locations.
Updated: External quotes on US teams will now use the US date format.
Updated: External quotes will now use the currency configured on the team.
Fixed: Contacts will now display correctly when sending an email.
Updated: Phone number validation fields will now work correctly with Australian phone numbers starting with 049.
Added: Ability to set the client number of the contact in Xero when sending an invoice.
Version 2.56.0 (20.10.2022)
Added: Support to use a custom email template for sending invoices.
Updated: View and edit permissions for stock items.
Fixed: Progress bar will now update correctly when uploading files.
Fixed: Displaying of email status on email list.
Updated: Stock audit tab to handle stock process quantities correctly.
Updated: Child stock location quantities will now show in their parent stock location quantities.
Updated: Stock audit tab will now show stock movements.
Version 2.57.0 (2.11.2022)
Fixed: Quotes will now show the weight of items correctly.
Fixed: Ability to add a title row to a credit note.
Added: Support for language translations in main side menu and client top tabs.
Updated: SMS contacts will now show additional contacts from within the client form and team users.
Fixed: Signing documents with multiple page sizes or orientations will now display correctly.
Version 2.58.0 (10.11.2022)
Added: Ability to disable email salutations.
Added: Ability to manage users accounts in portals.
Added: Ability for the login page to be translated to other languages.
Version 2.59.0 (17.11.2022)
Added: Ability to request additional information from the person signing a document.
Fixed: Date selection fields will now show the correct day after selecting a date on the calendar.
Fixed: Team exports will work with different timezones.
Updated: Implemented language translations to more areas of CRM.
Updated: Sending SMS from CRM will now display available SMS credits.
Version 2.60.0 (24.11.2022)
Added: Ability to disable pricing tiers on an order or invoice which are not currently configured on a stock item.
Updated: Supplier portal can now be configured to not show pricing.
Added: Support for single line address fields.
Fixed: Arrangement addresses will now show on calendar and planner.
Added: Date will now appear when viewing an email.
Version 2.61.0 (1.12.2022)
Added: Ability to set time fields to use 24 hour time.
Added: BCC field to email templates.
Added: Ability to add stock location quantities to stock header.
Fixed: Comments sidebar on events will now stay the same size.
Fixed: Existing addresses will now display correctly in the single-line address fields.
Updated: Adjusted opacity of archived items in tables to be more visible.
Version 2.62.0 (8.12.2022)
Updated: User generated tags on files will now be available in the tag drop down on other files.
Updated: Single-line addresses will now show the edit and delete buttons correctly.
Added: Stock locations now have orders, assets and project tabs.
Updated: Event categories list to add ability to create new categories.
Fixed: The plus buttons on menu items will now show correctly when using translations.
Version 2.63.0 (15.12.2022)
Added: Login using multi-factor authentication can now be confirmed from the FireHawkCRM app.
Fixed: Comment entry field will now automatically clear after adding the comment.
Fixed: Date fields will now only save when their value is changed.
Fixed: Support cards on the support board will now display correctly.
Fixed: Logging in after a FireHawk update will now only prompt you to login once.
Updated: Logging in will now log you back in to all FireHawk tabs.
Updated: Logging out will now log you out of all FireHawk tabs.
Updated: Multi-factor authentication will now remember your device for 24 hours.
Version 2.64.0 (21.12.2022)
Added: Support for showing articles in external portal.
Updated: Styling for articles in external portal.
Updated: Support for address fields to use translations.
Fixed: Document signing not showing dynamically on last page.
Updated: Calculation logic on stock process cost.

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