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2023 FireHawkCRM Web Updates

Version 2.65.0 (18.01.2023)
Added: Ability to select an quote template that will always be used for the external quote view.
Added: Ability to select an invoice template that will always be used for the external invoice view.
Added: Created date will now show on bookin history in a stock item.
Added: Ability to invite existing client family members to be portal users on a client.
Added: Team portals are now available. This means you can create your own intranet using articles and article categories.
Added: Articles now have a ‘view’ version when accessed via portal.
Added: User channels to comments on dashboard.
Updated: Stock items will now show more of the item without scrolling.
Fixed: Event windows will now resize correctly when the browser resizes.
Fixed: Files field on email popup will now clear correctly when changing the email template.
Updated: Todo sidebar will now show in projects.
Fixed: Todo sidebar will now work correctly with multi-line items.
Updated: Todo sidebar styling.
Updated: Portal feedback system will now use the client’s brand information instead of the team when selected.
Updated: Emails sent from events now contain client information.
Updated: Asset planner will now correctly resize on different sized screens.
Added: Stock in portal will now sort using the position on stock.
Fixed: External portal feedback system will now send notifications correctly.
Fixed: Support ticket notifications will now show ticket information.
Fixed: Comment notifications will now show the user’s name.
Version 2.66.0 (1.02.2023)
Updated: Email buttons within forms will now be able to add an attachment automatically when sending the email.
Added: Ability to configure the sending of invoices to an accounting package to require a user permission.
Added: Ability to set a default status for an invoice when it is sent to Xero.
Added: Ability to have a custom statement shown when a quote is accepted on the external view.
Fixed: Toggling the status pill will now save correctly on the stock purchase list.
Added: Ability to choose the sorting of stock in the client portal.
Added: Ability to see stock images in grid view in the client portal.
Version 2.67.0 (22.02.2023)
Fixed: Clients will now show correctly on a promotion.
Fixed: Stock categories on in the portal will now load correctly.
Updated: Event planner will now show the assignee profile picture, name and start and end times.
Version 2.68.0 (8.03.2023)
Updated: Password reset system to streamline the process.
Fixed: Uploading files should now save correctly.
Added: User notification settings in the user profile.
Fixed: Adding stock to the client portal will now work correctly.
Version 2.69.0 (16.03.2023)
Added: Ability to restrict access to archive list items.
Added: Ability to restrict access to export list items.
Updated: User list layout.
Updated: The client selector on an email will now show all clients along with the file number and is now searchable by the file number.
Fixed: Removed the loading overlay that was blocking the confirmation box when navigating away from pages.
Fixed: Links in comments will now work correctly.
Version 2.70.0 (23.03.2023)
Added: Ability to hide specific event types on the planner.
Added: Supplier location and date/time will now appear on the week view of the planner.
Updated: PDF export buttons within forms can now export with supplier information.
Fixed: The contact picker when sending an SMS will now show contacts correctly.
Added: Additional layout elements to the article builder.
Added: Ability to preview articles in the article builder.
Added: Ability to pin clients to the side menu as a quick link by using the chain icon at the top of a client.
Added: Ability to have favourited clients appear on the dashboard under a favourites tile.
Version 2.71.0 (30.03.2023)
Added: Files can now be added to an incident.
Added: New icon select field that can be added to forms.
Added: Shifts can now be filtered by the current or last pay week cycle.
Updated: Planner week view will now show dates on individual date columns.
Added: Team setting to show classic avatars in the planner.
Version 2.72.0 (06.04.2023)
Added: QR Code export sheet to shifts that can be scanned in the FireHawk CRM app to start/end shifts.
Added: Ability to set the default value on table filters.
Added: Ability to show/hide filters by permission.
Fixed: Supplier categories will now show correctly on the supplier list.
Removed: Close button when replying to comments.
Added: Notifications when emails bounce.
Version 2.73.0 (20.04.2023)
Added: Timeline in support tickets will now when someone has viewed the ticket.
Added: Ability to attach files directly to comments when posting.
Fixed: Defaulted table filter drop downs to hide archived items.
Fixed: The pay week date range options on shifts will now work for next pay cycle without re-selecting them.
Updated: Quickbooks button on invoices will now change status automatically and can be reset so the invoice can be resent to Quickbooks.
Added: Ability to add a line item to quote from the client form. A popup is shown if quote doesn’t exist to create quote.
Version 2.74.0 (27.04.2023)
Added: Notification will now display if you are offline.
Fixed: Directly switching between clients should now show the correct client tabs.
Fixed: Mentions will now show correctly when replying to comments.
Updated: Styling and add user avatars to comment mentions.
Added: Ability to use hashtags inside comments.
Version 2.75.0 (4 May 2023)
Fixed: A space will now be inserted after tagging someone in a comment.
Fixed: Loading issue when scrolling on an article will now work as expected.
Fixed: Signature request should now work correctly on quote exports.
Updated: Dates now display in the locale format from the team.
Version 2.76.0 (11 May 2023)
Updated: Loading spinner to include logo.
Fixed: Formatting of client name in Client Portal.
Version 2.77.0 (18 May 2023)
Added: Ability for additional dashboards to be added per team.
Fixed: Weekly planner will now display events at the start of the week when the start day has been changed from Sunday.
Fixed: Comments on support tickets will no longer scroll past the last comment.
Added: Ability to add permissions to individual team export forms.
Version 2.78.0 (24 May 2023)
Added: Ability to download a folder from the file manager.
Fixed: Adding a user in the portal system should now close the new user pop-up correctly.
Fixed: Exports on a quote should now download correctly.
Version 2.79.0 (31 May 2023)
Fixed: Article Builder will now open correctly.
Updated: Field saving system to better handle multiple tabs being open at the same time.
Fixed: Form will now load correctly when the first page is conditionally hidden.
Added: Translations added to the file manager.
Version 2.80.0 (8 Jun 2023)
Added: 20mb file size limit to emails.
Added: Ability to add files to stock categories.
Fixed: Exports drop down when creating a support ticket will now be filtered to be more relevant.
Fixed: Timeline will now show more fields.
Added: Comments entered onto user profiles will now trigger a notification.
Updated: Unit number will now send when sending an invoice to Xero.
Version 2.81.0 (15 Jun 2023)
Update: Slide out events will now change to fit screen size.
Fixed: Replies in comments will now show correctly.
Fixed: The issues date field on invoices will now show the correct label.
Version 2.82.0 (22 Jun 2023)
Fixed: Creating internal portals will now work correctly.
Fixed: Global top search will now close correctly after navigating to an item.
Added: Ability to hide columns on tables based on user permissions.
Version 2.83.0 (29 Jun 2023)
Fixed: Saving information in the user profile will on longer navigate away from the page.
Version 2.84.0 (6 Jul 2023)
Added: Archive button to the top of the event slide out.
Fixed: Addresses will now work correctly when data is copied in.
Updated: Emails sent from an event will now be able to pull information from the event.
Version 2.85.0 (13 Jul 2023)
Added: Cover letter, header and footer fields added to quotes.
Fixed: Event Planner will now show filters correctly.
Removed: Drop down menus will no longer sort by default.
Added: More merge tag fields when sending emails.
Version 2.86.0 (20 Jul 2023)
Updated: Ability to filter boards by more options.
Added: HTML content can now be added to client pages.
Added: Ability to filter payment types using the URL allowing for links to go to a filtered payments table.
Added: Tool-tips popups are now available for segment pickers.
Fixed: Emails will no longer use brand details when send from branch is disabled.
Fixed: File pickers in email templates will no longer show files on quotes and invoices.
Version 2.87.0 (26 Jul 2023)
Added: Blink integration to allow Blink payments.
Added: Remove button for quick links that have been added to the main menu.
Added: Ability to enable editing item data directly in a table.
Version 2.88.0 (3 Aug 2023)
Added: Permission giving the ability to unlock locked fields.
Updated: Events will now open in a full screen view.
Added: Creating an email can now auto-select client brand as the sender.
Updated: Email template button colour will now default to the team colour.
Fixed: Single line addresses will now be editable even if the street name and number hasn’t been filled.
Updated: Signing a document will now save a copy to the files tab on the client.
Version 2.89.0 (10 Aug 2023)
Updated: Trying to close the window while uploading a file will now display a pop-up to confirm.
Fixed: Tabs on the large event window will now work correctly.
Updated: Moved the archive button on an event to the top right.
Updated: Items on invoices sent to MYOB can now use the invoice description.
Version 2.90.0 (17 Aug 2023)
Added: Notifications of when external quotes are viewed can now be enabled.
Added: Timeline will now show an entry when item is archived or unarchived.
Updated: Changed event panels to open in a pop-up window.
Version 2.91.0 (24 Aug 2023)
Added: Stock that is set to online-only will now longer appear in any stock drop-down lists.
Fixed: The tool-tip when hovering over a date in comments will now show the full date and time.
Updated: Required fields will now show an error message as soon as they become invalid.
Updated: Changed support tickets to open in a pop-up window.
Version 2.92.0 (31 Aug 2023)
Added: Ability to enable fields on a stock adjustment.
Fixed: Ability to remove email attachments that were added by an email template.
Fixed: Fields will now display correctly after being edited in quick succession.
Updated: New address fields should now populate the place name to the business building name.
Fixed: Tables will now reload data upon closing a pop-up that was opened from the table.
Added: Ability to export large generic sales reports more reliably.
Version 2.93.0 (7 Sep 2023)
Added: Ability to hide the quote description and invoice description fields.
Fixed: The resend button on the SMS list will now work correctly.
Version 2.95.0 (21 Sep 2023)
Fixed: A blank tool-tip pop-up will no longer display when hovering over buttons.
Fixed: Default country will now be used when inputting an address after previously deleting one.
Fixed: Payment list will now display the correct currency symbol.
Updated: Collapsible section headings will now only collapse/expand when using the arrows on the right of the heading.

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