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2023 FireHawkCRM Web Updates

Version 2.65.0 (18.01.2023)
Added: Ability to select an quote template that will always be used for the external quote view.
Added: Ability to select an invoice template that will always be used for the external invoice view.
Added: Created date will now show on bookin history in a stock item.
Added: Ability to invite existing client family members to be portal users on a client.
Added: Team portals are now available. This means you can create your own intranet using articles and article categories.
Added: Articles now have a ‘view’ version when accessed via portal.
Added: User channels to comments on dashboard.
Updated: Stock items will now show more of the item without scrolling.
Fixed: Event windows will now resize correctly when the browser resizes.
Fixed: Files field on email popup will now clear correctly when changing the email template.
Updated: Todo sidebar will now show in projects.
Fixed: Todo sidebar will now work correctly with multi-line items.
Updated: Todo sidebar styling.
Updated: Portal feedback system will now use the client’s brand information instead of the team when selected.
Updated: Emails sent from events now contain client information.
Updated: Asset planner will now correctly resize on different sized screens.
Added: Stock in portal will now sort using the position on stock.
Fixed: External portal feedback system will now send notifications correctly.
Fixed: Support ticket notifications will now show ticket information.
Fixed: Comment notifications will now show the user’s name.
Version 2.66.0 (1.02.2023)
Updated: Email buttons within forms will now be able to add an attachment automatically when sending the email.
Added: Ability to configure the sending of invoices to an accounting package to require a user permission.
Added: Ability to set a default status for an invoice when it is sent to Xero.
Added: Ability to have a custom statement shown when a quote is accepted on the external view.
Fixed: Toggling the status pill will now save correctly on the stock purchase list.
Added: Ability to choose the sorting of stock in the client portal.
Added: Ability to see stock images in grid view in the client portal.

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