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Understanding the Support Board

You can access the support board by clicking ‘Support’ in the left hand menu in FireHawkCRM and then selecting ‘View Tickets’.

The support board is where all of the support tickets previously created are stored. The board has different columns that display the status of each ticket. A ticket can be moved across different columns by dragging and dropping or selecting the appropriate column in the dropdown selector within the ticket. ( Next to the ticket creators profile image)

Unassigned is where all tickets land, and it’s where The FireHawk team assign the work out to relevant team members.

Awaiting Response is where we put tickets that need a question answering in the comments before we can continue/start work on the ticket. When you’ve answered please move the ticket back to Unassigned.

Today, this week, this month and after this month are all priority columns, we are working on the problem and should have it finished within that specified time frame.

Awaiting Feedback is where the team put tickets when we’ve finished our work and are requesting you check our work and move the tickets to complete. If you are unhappy with the work completed, please pop a comment with changes and move the ticket back to unassigned.

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