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Tables in FireHawkCRM

Tables in FireHawkCRM are really versatile, you can manipulate them to show different views of data.

Tables remember the filters that you’ve chosen for them. These are your remembered settings only, so other users in your team can have differing views of the same data.

If you have picked a category in the category filter it will stay even after a refresh or logout.

We’ve added a search bar onto all of our tables, so that you can easily filter the data by searching for names, amounts and dates. Our search requires you to enter more than 3 characters for the filtering to start.

Tables can also be sorted by the data in a column, for example if I want client names to run from A-Z, I can simply click the column title and a little black arrow will appear next to it, the up arrow tells me that the column is sorted with the smallest value to the top, and the reverse if the down arrow is visible.

Column sorting is a three click process, off is the default state, then smallest to the top, then smallest to the bottom and then one more click to get back to sorting off.

Some tables contain ‘Pills’ in their rows. Pills are colourful, little, torpedo-looking buttons that we use to signify the state of an item. A good example is lead status on a client. You can click this pill on the client table to quickly and easily progress them through the various stages of Lead Statuses, i.e. to move them from Warm to Hot.  

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