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Updating Pricing on Variations (Bulk)

This guide is designed to work with the WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

  1. Login to the WordPress backend of your website
  2. Create the variable product in FireHawkCRM. The product in FireHawkCRM should be set to “Variable” and “Using custom variations?” set to “Yes” in the WooCommerce settings.
  3. Now that the product is created you will need to visit the product in WooCommerce and create the custom attributes and variations for it. Once all the variations are generated you are ready to export, add pricing, and import it back into the website.
  4. To export the variation data you will need to click on “CSV Import Studio” under the “WooCommerce” section in the left hand menu of the WordPress admin panel
  5. On the new page that loads click on the “Export Products” tab at the top of the page
  6. Scroll down to the “Export Product Variations CSV” section and make sure the box next to “Include hidden meta data” is checked.
  7. Click on “Export Variations” and CSV file will download containing all the variations for every product on the website
  8. Open the CSV in Excel (Windows) or Numbers (Mac) and remove all the rows that do not relate to the item you are updating. i.e. the “Parent” and “parent_sku” columns should mention the parent item you have created to hold the variations
  9. Update the “regular_price” and “sale_price” columns for each row as desired to update the pricing unless you have been provided with additional fields to update by FireHawk. Optionally you can remove some of the columns that you will not be updating. The following columns should never be removed “Parent”, “parent_sku”, “post_parent”, “ID”, “post_status”, “sku”.
  10. Export the spreadsheet as a CSV file to uploading / merging into the variations on the website
  11. Return to the admin panel on the website and click on the “Import Products” tab at the top of the “CSV Import Studio” section of the website.
  12. Click on “Merge Variations” under the “Import Product Variations CSV” heading
  13. Add the CSV file to the file uploader field and press “Upload file and Import”
  14. A confirmation page will load where you can check what you are import and confirm import at the bottom of the page. After pressing confirm it will process the data in batches which may take a little while to complete

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