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Basic Email merge tags

Generic tags:
[[entity:id]] – The id of the entity this email is being sent from.

These merge tags are generated from the current logged in user.

[[user:name]] – The users full name, populated from the first and last name.
[[user:name:first]] – The users first name.
[[user:name:last]] – The users last name.

[[team:name]] – The teams name.
[[team:phone]] – The teams phone number.
[[team:url]] – The teams website.
[[team:address]] – The teams address
[[team:logo]] – The teams logo, This will be replaced with the email specific version when applied.
[[team:signature]] – This is a dynamic value that will be generated based on the current user and teams settings.
[[team:logo:width]] – The specified target width for the teams logo in emails.
[[team:button-color]] – A HEX color value based on the teams theme colors.

These are auto populated from the selected contact in the To field. If no contact was selected, these will fill in blank.

[[recipient:name]] – The selected contacts full name.
[[recipient:firstName]] – The selected contacts first name.
[[recipient:lastName]] – The selected contacts last name.

These tags will be populated when a client is available at the time of sending an email, Either the email is being sent in regards to a client directly or from the client assigned to the entity, i.e a project.

[[client:id]] – The clients id.
[[client:name]] – The clients full name formatted based on the teams settings.

These merge tags are used when sending emails related to an invoice.

[[invoice:number]] – The invoice number.
[[invoice:id]] – The invoice ID.
[[invoice:title]] – The title of the invoice.
[[invoice:reference]] – The invoice reference number.
[[invoice:url]] – An external link to view the invoice.

These merge tags are used to add buttons and links to a document that can be downloaded, This document can either be automatically assigned to the email or selected when sending an email.

[[form:name]] – The name of the document.
[[form:url]] – The download url of the document, usually this takes you to a public CRM page to download the document.

Short URLS:
This is currently only being used for Attendance but will be used for other external areas of the CRM in the future.

[[shorturl]] – URL value.
[[shorturl:expiry]] – A human readable version of the expiry date.
[[shorturl:exclamation]] – This is an exclamation of the expiry: “This link will expire on XXXX”.

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